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Shahir Esmail

Integration is the word, if I need one to describe what I aim to achieve by my career and what I mean to be a person. Integrated means 'to have a wholeness in which several parts agree with one another.' When I say I want to be an integrated person, what I mean is that I put up my traits, manners, behaviors and interactions in such a way that they seamlessly merge together. An integrated person's minimalism in food habits is reflected in the neatness of their office; their propensity to say bare minimum facts and truths is mirrored in the promises kept. This is a tall order. But I want to achieve that in my life.

The person in me: Aspects which I believe would contribute to the same in future to come is my past. I was born (in 1984) and brought up in a calm, serene village in the southern district of Thiruvananthapuram in the southern state of Kerala. My countrymen are all outspoken and modestly honest. They are not pretentious, though most of them are poor. The quintessential rural qualities of honesty and outspokenness are something that I always try to trace in my subconscious, to nurture it and to maintain it. My parents, religious teachers, and neighbors are the ones who deserve my gratitude for etching these values in my subconscious.

My schooling: I had my schooling in a school in the village and I am thankful to my teachers to help me pick up lessons till pre-graduation (2001) while instilling in me values and ethics which helped in my upbringing. They identified my taste for economics and commerce as well as my computational skills. I chose commerce as a course to pursue for my graduation.

Graduation: In 2004, I completed BCom with computer application in Kerala University Institute of Technology. I am confident of quickly segueing and coming to terms into any popular or newly developed application software. I had exposure to front end software such as C, C++, HTML; back end software such as Oracle SQL; operating systems such DOS, Windows Vista, Windows XP; Windows me. Besides these I am well-versed in Photoshop, the image editing software 3D studio max and IMG.

My course project during graduation was the financial analysis of Kerala Beverages Corporation. During the time I also attended a seminar on SASI ADVERTISING in TRIVANDRUM and conducted a “MARKETING FEST” on January 2004 in KERALA UNIVERSITY. I had a two month summer internship in 2003 with Webpount computers Trivandrum on the traits and preference of customers who buy computers.

Post-graduation: In 2006 I joined the MBA course offered by IGNOU and my interest in integrating commerce, business and technology was given a fillip by my exposure to the course.

Career summary: Two principal companies where I could hone the skilled I learned from curricular and extracurricular exposures were the Dotcom systems Pvt limited, under Aditya Birla group, which roped me in as marketing executive and Minacs Information Services limited where I offered my skills as tech support engineer. These companies led me to the realization that open-mindedness, Updating and adaptability are three core values that guide any business to competitiveness and success. I learned that any job in the world expect us to be wakeful-so wakeful as to gauge the requirements of society at large-and to adapt ourselves to newer situations to meet the challenges head on.

Entrepreneurship: with these lessons still afresh in my mind, I started an initiative of my own. Named Three Seas Infologics PVT limited, the company is a subsidiary of Three Seas Groups, a 40-year-old company with experience in marketing, and leadership.

Three Seas Infologistics PVT limited aims to develop software products which would cater to the emerging market trends. The company, started in 2012, has developed a distinct online hub for real estate,, Kerala's first ever online hub for used car sales, a digital platform aiming to make the most out of the tourist potential of the state and it's thriving hospitali ty sector.

I believe, all these efforts notwithstanding that the real challenge is to give what society as a whole desires and deserves. This is where, I believe, Steve Jobs' motto of integrating science and humanities are really significant. Society is built upon values and institutions that foster these commitments. For example knowledge is value and a school is an institution that fosters this value. We can scientifically restructure the institutions so that they promote the underlying values in society.